Shrimp Food

If you are a sea food lover then shrimp food must be in your food list. Sea food is getting popular day by day and among sea food shrimp food is one high demand from public. Shrimp food can be prepared in different ways according to your interest. Once you taste it, then I am sure that it will among the top in the list of your sea food. In some countries shrimps are also know prawns but prawn these two are different creatures. Both have some similarities according to their skeleton but both are different things.

About 30 to 35 percent shrimp are produces in the Asia Continent. Among those 30 to 35 percent large amount is produces by China and Indonesia and the Shrimps food are most common food in China and Indonesia in the Asia continent. While the remaining shrimps are produces mostly in the Brazil, Mexico and many other countries of the Latin America.

shrimp food

Shrimp Recipes

Shrimps are those things which can mix with any other ingredient to make your taste buds tastier. Any kindly of recipe that you will made with shrimps, everyone will love it. Here is the list of some important shrimp recipes that you must try if you are also a shrimp lover like me.

Grilled shrimp

This is one of the easy and quickest shrimp food you can prepare in less time. You need take some shrimps and the and keep them one by one in the heat of flame. Once the Shrimp is grilled properly then you can enjoy with the fresh lettuce.

Boil Shrimps

Shrimps can be boiled in a pot at a moderate flame. To make the taste better you can add other ingredients like corn in the pot with shrimps to make the taste better. Boiled shrimps are among the top list in the shrimp foods and also the boiled shrimps or boiled seafood trend is increasing day by day among people.

shrimp food

Shrimp Salad

Shrimp salad with kamut is also popular among people. To prepare this salad, first wheat in soaked whole day in water to make it soft. After that shrimp are boiled in pot. When shrimps are properly boiled then these shrimps are added with soaked wheat and different kind of vegetables.

shrimp food

Honey Pepper shrimps

Honey pepper shrimps is another easy method of preparing shrimp food. To make this you have dip the raw shrimps in the honey and after that you have to fry these shrimps in oil. When they are properly cooked, bring them out from the oil and sprinkle black pepper on these shrimps to make their taste more delicious.

shrimp food

Delicious Shrimp Toast

To make shrimp toast you have first chop the shrimps properly. When shrimps are chopped then add required ingredients like vegetable and spices as per the requirement. After that properly mix it again and then make small shape pieces and then fry these pieces in oil. Crispy shrimps toast is ready to increase the taste of your taste buds.

shrimp food

Shrimp With Rice

This recipe is for those who are takes interest in eating rice and shrimps. First you need to boil rice and shrimps separately in a pot. After that pour some oil in separate pot and then add spices and salt in it. After the add the boiled rice. Cook it for few minutes and then add the shrimps (make sure to make small pieces of shrimps after boiled) and then cook for few more minutes. After that hot and delicious shrimp food is ready for you.

shrimp food

Shrimp Pasta

Combination of pasta with shrimps is also loved by the many people. You can add boiled or grilled shrimps in the pasta. You can make different shrimp pasta dishes like shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta and linguine with garlic butter shrimp.

shrimp food

Shrimp Curry

Curry is the favorite dish of Asian people whether it is shrimp curry or any other curry. You can make tasty shrimp curry by adding shrimps, crushed tomatoes, chicken broth, vegetables and spices. To make taste better you can add coconut milk and cream also. Once the shrimp curry is ready, you can serve this with tortilla and shrimp curry is considered among most demanding shrimp food in the Asia and some part of America.

shrimp food

Shrimp Burger

If you are lover of seafood and fast food then no issue burger and shrimps will solve your problem. You can use shrimps with the burger like you use beef or chicken with burger. To make this delicious shrimp burger you have to take properly boil and then chop them well, make a small shape and then fried in the oil. After its ready place it between the burger with other required vegetables and spices and after that you can enjoy your delicious shrimp burger.

shrimp food

Benefits of eating Shrimp Food

Shrimps are useful for us in many ways. The first thing is that shrimp food contains low number of calories and large number of proteins. They contain Omega-3 fatty acid and other important nutrients which are essential for our better health. Shrimps are easy and less time taking for prepare and they are also very delicious in taste.

Disadvantages of eating Shrimp Food

Well there are always disadvantages along with advantages. Same is for shrimp food. It can be dangerous for the person with cholesterol and it can cause different allergic problems. Some people use raw shrimps to eat which can affect their health and raw shrimps may contain different bacteria.

Crystal Shrimp food

Crystal shrimp food is rare as compare to other shrimp food. Crystal shrimps are not in large amount like as other shrimps. Crystal shrimps are can easily be identified through the rings of white and red color. These shrimps are rare that why their price is high as compare to other shrimps.

crystal shrimp food

Shrimp food is considered as a healthy source for human being. Shrimps contain a larger number of proteins which is essential for better health of our body and they contain low calories?

Shrimps are considered as Halal in Islam and it meet different requirement that are necessary for a food be Halal in Islam and this food is mainly used in many Muslim countries now.

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