Salvation Army Food Pantry

Salvation army food pantry provides food and basic needs for those people who cannot afford them. It has different food pantries which provides foods in different regions of United States of America. Its main aim to remove the food insecurity among the people by giving basic needs free of cost.  All this can be done with help of volunteers, donations from generous people.

The main moto of salvation army food pantry is to provide hygienic and healthy food to the deserving people of the country. The salvation Army provide food to more than 150000 people every day and each year they provide food to more than 50 million people who are facing issues in finding good food for their families. Salvation army programs runs under the leadership of different salvation army offices. These officers are responsible for the delivering different programs to the salvation army volunteers.

Salvation army food pantry volunteers

For providing food to needy people, different Programs runs by the salvation army food pantry which are as below

Food Pantries Through Mobile

Mobile food pantries bring different foods and other essential things to those areas which are far from the location where these pantry shops are located. Those people cannot get easy access to those pantry shops that’s why volunteers bring foods to their door steps. These mobile food pantries bring daily necessary things like vegetables, meat, bread and different hygienic products. Food pantries can provide short term relief as well long-term relief for the needy people.

Food Parcel Boxes

  Salvation Army food pantry also provide different parcels for the people. The parcel mainly contain vegetable, fruits, meat etc. This parcel can be obtained from food pantries by any person of the family by providing correct information or it can deliver to your home also. You can check location and times about Food Pantries and then visit your nearest food pantry to receive your food and other necessary goods.

Food Pantries Through Government Programs

Government also provide help to needy peoples by running different programs. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is among one of those programs which are offered by the government.
through this program the US government provide food and health related necessary good to low income people. The workers or Volunteers present at food pantry location will help you to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Salvation Army Food Pantry volunteers ensures that all required help should be done if anyone need any kind of information related to Food Pantry programs run by the government.

Salvation Army Food Pantry Volunteer

Volunteers are another main backbone of Food Pantries because without volunteers it is impossible for the food panties to distribute the required food and necessary health related items to needy people. Salvation Army Food Pantry Volunteer try their best to help the poor and needy people on different ways. This help can be in the form of food distribution, skilled workers help needy people with free skill lecture and many more.

Once you become a volunteer you will get a chance to uplift the insecurities faced by the people related food and health. Through this volunteer ship you will get a chance to help people who are looking for the help. To become volunteer, it is not necessary that you should have any special skill, you can join and became a volunteer whether you have any special skill or not. You can make a remarkable contribution to the society by providing Volunteer services.

Salvation army food pantry

How Can You Help Salvation Army

You can be part of this community by donating different things. It may include money, donate goods and clothing, sponsor a child. Yu can also donate airline miles for the volunteers of the community that will help volunteers to meet need all over the country. You can also share information about Salvation army food pantry with others and also encourage them to donate. You can also be a part of Salvation army as a volunteer.

Items You Can Donate to Salvation Army Food Pantry

Following are the items which you can donate to the salvation army. The items should not be opened and cannot be expired.

 1) Fruits (Pineapples, pears and peaches)
 2) Dairy (Almond milk, soy milk)
 3) Vegetables (Corns, beans and tomatoes)
 4) Grains (Rice, cereal)
 5) Snacks (Nuts seeds, crackers, bars)

Salvation army food pantry

Eligibility Requirements to Receive Assistance

To receive the food and other packages from the food pantries you may be required to bring residency proof  or photo id (photo id can be any type of id, it may be state id or your driving license id) at some places but at some place you can receive assistance even If you do not have social security card, or you are not a city or permanent resident you can also receive from some locations.

Other Services Given By the Salvation Army

Except food salvation army also provide different services for the community. Other services include the following

 1) Disaster Relief
 2) Rehabilitation
 3) Homeless shelters
 4) Utility bills and Rent
 5) Job training for people
 6) Veteran Services
 7) Help to protect from Domestic abuse
 8) Training of different skill to needy people to escape poverty

Salvation army food pantry

Salvation Army Food Pantry Hours and Location

    • (1)
                       The Salvation Army Milwaukee Citadel Corps Worship & Community Center 4129 W Villard Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53209
      Phone No:
                           (414) 463-3300
      Availability Hours
                                   10 am to 12 pm for Thursday
                                   10 am to 2 pm for Friday           
    • (2)
      The Salvation Army 60th Street Pantry 5880 North 60th street, Milwaukee, WI 53218
      Phone No: 

     (414) 464-2940
    Availability Hours

                11 am to 3 pm for Monday and Tuesday
                  12: 30 pm to 3 pm for Wednesday
                 11 am to 3 pm for Thursday
                 9 am to 12 pm for Friday

                 Judy D. Zennal Center of Hope 1863 Capital Blvd. Raleigh NC 2764
    Availability Hours:
                It will be available from Monday to Friday at 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

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