Central Texas food bank

There are number food pantries which offers free food for people in USA. Central Texas food bank is one of them who has become hope of free food for a large number of people. Main aim of Central Texan food bank is to provide food for the deserving people to fight against the hunger and to make sure that every deserving people has got food to eat. They provide products of the daily life requirements to people who cannot afford. It is a source of hope for a specifics community who are facing issues in accomplishing their basic needs of life. All this is possible because of the donators and volunteers who are working free for the organization.

Central Texas Food Bank

How can you donate to Central Texas Food Bank?

You can be part of donation in different ways. Following are the ways through which you can pay your donations to Central Texas Food bank
* You can pay online by using your master or credit cards.

* You can also send bank cheques directly to the Central Texas food bank if you have any issues in paying online. You can mail your cheques on the following address (Central Texas Food Bank, 6500 Metropolis Drive Austin, TX78744).

* Central Texas Food Bank also provides the option to provide through crypto, you can send the amount from your crypto on the address which is provided on the official website of Central Texas Food Bank.

* Another important thing which you can donate is food. If you want to donate the food, properly pack the food in different cartoons and after that Central Texas Food Team will collect that from your location.

* You can also take part in donations by donating a number of bonds or stocks.

Central Texas Food Bank Volunteer

Volunteer are important part of any organization. You can serve as a volunteer in different positions at Central Texas Food Bank according to your interest

* You can be a part of volunteer in the warehouse to pack different kind of products and for loading and unloading of products at warehouse.

* If You are expert in making food then you can part of the volunteer in the kitchen where you will prepare different foods for the.

* Mobile food pantry is the one where a large number of volunteers are required. Every mobile pantry requires a maximum number of volunteers for smooth working, especially in rural area where facilities are low as compared to the developed areas. Main work of Mobile pantry volunteers to serve food.

* Central Texas Food Bank also requires volunteers for transcription. Volunteers will write down the requirements of community needs and this team will be led by the Food bank research manager.

Central Texas Food Bank

Mobile Food Pantry schedule of Central Texas Food bank

Mobile food pantry distribution is available at different location at different time. Following are some mobile food pantry distribution locations with their schedule time

1. The first one is the VA Clinic. Location of distribution is 1020 Grove Blvd Austin, TX 78741, United States of America. Its distribution will be at 1st Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

2. Another point of distribution is ACC Hays. Complete location for ACC Hays is 1200 Koehler’s Crossing, Kyle, TX 78640 United States of America. Food will be distributed at 1st Saturday from 9 am to 10:30 am and at 3rd Friday from 9 am to 10:30 am.

3. Nelson Field is another location where food is distributed at 3rd Thursday from 9 am to 10:30 am. Location of Nelson Field is 7105 Berkman Dr Austin, TX 78752, USA.

4. Manor, TX is another distribution point where you can get free food at the specific time and date. Mobile pantry food distribution at Manor, TX will be at 2nd and 4th Friday from 8 am to 9:30 am. Location of Manor TX is 14832 FM973 Manor, TX 78653 United States.

5. Another Mobile Food Pantry distribution point is Groesbeck. Location of Groesbeck is 193 Lcr 412 Groesbeck, TX 76642 United States of America. Food will be distributed at 2nd Wednesday from 10 am t 11 am.

List of things you can donate to Central Texas Food Bank

You can donate the following items to the Central Texas Food Bank

1. Money (It can be in the form of cheques, cryptocurrency also)
2. Food (Different kind of foods you can donate, it can be vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, dairy etc.)
3. You can also donate vehicles to the CTBK, which will help them in food distribution.

Central Texas Food Bank jobs

Central Texas food bank not only provide services based upon the volunteer, they also provide jobs to the competitive and deserving people. If you are looking for jobs and you are passionate and competitive then you can apply on the portal of Central Texas Food Bank portal. They also provide benefits to their employees which includes the following
* You will get a comprehensive salary and different kind of bonuses.
* Fully paid medical insurance.
* Different paid off at holidays.
* Facility of on-site gym, clean sitting area with a beautiful view of garden area.
* Awards and promotions will be given to the best performers.
* They will provide equal opportunities for everyone whether you belong to any community.

Central Texas Food Bank

Other Programs Runs By Central Texas Food Bank

Central Texas food bank not only help people with free food but it also run different programs for the deserving people of United States of America

* CTFB experts provides free education to the people about the nutrition of food and they also provide useful tips regarding gardening. Central Texas Food Bank experts also provide a virtual class and all these virtual classes are free of cost.

* They also provide a Culinary Training Program to those people who are interested in making a career in food industry. During this training program, you will learn different cooking techniques and this training program will be totally free of cost.

* CTFB provide multiple programs free of cost for the kids also. This program includes kids’ cafe, backpack, NSLP, Summer Food Service Program, college food access and feeding future school pantries program.

* They are running a program named as Commodity supplemental food program and it is for the people with age of 60 or more. You have registered on the portal according to guidelines and after that you will be eligible to receive food. Another program running by Central Texas Food Bank is named as HOPE. For this program your age should be 55 or more. For those above programs anyone else can pick your food for you also, the only thing you have to do is when you are doing your registration you have to enter he name of that person also who will pick food from the location on your behalf.

Sari Vatske is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Central Texas Food Bank.

They are providing their services to provide food free of cost in 21 countries and it is possible because of their more than 250 partner agencies and donators.

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