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Pet owners are USA are surely familiar with instinct dog food. This brand is becoming famous among the pet owner’s day by day. The interest of pet owners in instinct dog food is increasing because of the quality of the pet food instinct is providing for dogs as well as for cats. Its always become a difficult choice to for the pet owners to select nutritional food for their pets. Instinct dog food can be a good solution for the pet owners about their selection of nutritional food for their pets.

There are a lot of famous brands in the market related to the dog foods. Among that instinct dog food is making it place among the customers. They food is food source to boost the energy of your dog and the main focus of instinct is raw nutritious food of dogs.

instinct rabbit dog food

Ingredients used in instinct dog food

The price of instinct dog food is high because of the quality product they are using to prepare standardize food for the pets. Here is the list of some important ingredients used instinct dog food

  • Chicken
  • Salt
  • Chicken meal
  • Freeze dried chicken
  • Tapioca
  • Peas
  • Chicken fat
  • Natural Flavor
  • Vitamin A supplements
  • Vitamin E supplements
  • D-calcium pantothenate
  • Sodium selenite
  • Potassium chloride
  • Freeze dried chicken heart

Benefits of instinct dog food

There is no doubt that customers will prefer only those food which are beneficial for their dog better health. Instinct dog food provides multiple benefits for the dog health.

  • The first one is that after consistent using instinct dog food, many pet owner found positive and better change in the health of their dogs. They found their dog more fit and energetic as compare with before.
  • The second benefit is that instinct dog food in different varieties so the pet owners can select the best and nutritional pet food according to the interest of the pet.
  • Another benefit is that Instinct claims that they are natural and standard ingredients to prepare dog food which helps in boost the nutritional need of the pets.
instinct freeze dried dog food

Price of instinct dog food

Price of the instinct dog is like same as famous dog brands charge in the United States of America. The price for each food varies according to the quality and quantity of food. Like you may food some puppy food for 30 to 40 dollars while the young dog food for 80 to 100 dollars and this price can be vice versa. The price of the instinct dog food varies from 20 dollars to 190 dollars. Here is the list of main dog foods of instinct with their prices.

  • Healthy cravings variety pack wet dog food topper (3 oz pack for 42.90$).
  • Instinct raw longevity adult ages 7+ freeze dried chicken (9.5 oz pack for 48.90$).
  • Instinct raw longevity adult freeze dried beef bites for dog (9.5 oz pack for 48.90$).
  • Instinct be natural chicken and brown rice dry dog food (for 138.90$).
  • Instinct be natural beef and barely rice dry dog food (for 138.90$).
  • Instinct limited ingredient diet lamb dry dog food (for 52.90 to 181.90).
  • Instinct original salmon dry dog food (20LB for 161.90).
  • Instinct healthy cravings lamb wet dog food topper (3 oz pouch for 41.99$).
  • Instinct healthy cravings chicken wet dog food topper (3 oz pouch for 41.99$).
  • Instinct healthy cravings salmon wet dog food topper (3 oz pouch for 41.99$).
  • Instinct be natural real lamb and oatmeal recipe dry dog food (for 36.90$ to 138.90$).
  • Instinct be natural salmon and brown rice dry dog food (for 138.90$).
  • Instinct healthy cravings beef wet dog food topper (3 oz pouch for 41.99$).
  • Instinct raw boost gut health chicken dry dog food (for 60.90$ to 175.90$)

Instinct dog food recall 2024

Most dog food provide recall for their products. In 2024 according to website names as dog time we came to know that if you are using the instinct dry dog food for your pet, that it is necessary that you should assure that instinct is not providing any recall of the products in the year of 2024. So, you need to go through the instinct website properly.

Instinct dog food reviews

Instinct dog food is becoming popular among customers day by day. They are increasing the quality of the food as compare to before. According to a food review websites dog names as dog food advisor instinct dog food is loved by the customers for their pets. There are not many reviews on instinct website but according to the review’s instinct reviews an average of 4.7 rating out of 5 which is sign of love and attraction of pet owners towards instinct dog food.

instinct longevity dog food

Team of instinct

Instinct consist of a very talented team of men and women. Their main aim to provide pet with best and natural food. They are not only providing instinct dog food but they also provide instinct cat food for their customers. Here is list of Top members of instinct

Chief executive officer (CEO)                            :              Gordon Dumesich

Chief strategy officer                                          :              Manel Valls

Chief operating officer                                       :              Bobby Harris

Chief financial officer                                         :               Jason Von Rohr

Chief international development officer        :              Scott Mclellan

Vice president of sales                                       :              Alice Flath

Vice president of marketing                              :             Mark Chu

Vice president of RND                                        :             Jason Meents

Director of human resources                            :             Debra Edgar

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