Primal Dog Food

Another well-known quality dog food is primal dog food. Primal is not only know for dog food but is also well famous in the market of cat food. If you currently using any other brand and you are thinking about changing the brand then primal dog food can be good option for your food. Primal claims that they used quality and standard ingredients to prepare their pet foods. Primal offer different variety of foods for the pet, that’s why pet owners have multiple options to select the best food for their pet.

primal dog food

History of Primal

Primal is a famous brand or company who is manufacturing nutritious and healthy foods for the dogs and cats. Primal dog food and cat food are added in the top food of pets. Primal was established back in 2001 was by a person named as Matt Koss. The main reason behind established is that Matt Koss has a dog named as Luna, who got renal failure. He tried many medicines on different veterinarian suggestion but nothing works.

At last Matt Koss created his own food with the help of a veterinarian. This food not only help his dog to cure from disease but also it helps to boost the energy of the dog. After that Matt Koss started his brand where they manufacture nutritious food for dog and pets.

Foods prepared by primal

Primal prepare a wide variety of foods. On primal website they had divided the primal dog food into four different categories. Let discuss in detail about these four categories of primal dog food and why type of dog food they had included in these categories.

Balanced Bases

The first category of primal dog food is balanced bases. Balanced bases further divide in sub categories.

Frozen Raw

It consists of three different foods which are as below

  • Raw frozen patties
  • Raw frozen pronto
  • Raw frozen nuggets

Freeze Dried Raw

Freeze dried raw consist of two different dog foods which are below

  • Freeze dried nuggets
  • Freeze dried raw pronto

Kibble in the Raw

This sub category of balanced bases consists of five different dog foods.

  • Puppy recipe
  • Chicken recipe
  • Beef recipe
  • Small breed chicken recipe
  • Fish and pork recipe
primal dog food

Toppers and Hydrators

The second category of primal dog food is toppers and hydrators. Toppers and hydrators are further divided into four sub categories

Bone Broth

Bone broth is the first sub category of toppers and hydrators which consist of the following dog food

  • Bone broth pork
  • Bone broth beef
  • Bone broth chicken
  • Bone broth turkey

Raw Toppers

Raw topper is the second sub category of topper and hydrators which includes the following foods

  • Market mix beef
  • Market mix chicken
  • Market mix lamb
  • Market mix pork
  • Butcher’s blend beef
  • Butcher’s blend chicken
  • Butcher’s blend lamb
  • Butcher’s blend pork

Raw Goat Milk

It is another sub category of toppers and hydrators which consist of four raw goat milks

  • Goat milk original
  • Goat milk plus green goodness
  • Goat milk plus cranberry blast
  • Goat milk plus pumpkin spice

Fresh Topper

Fresh topper is the last sb category of toppers and hydrators which includes three different foods

  • Fresh topper awesome squash
  • Fresh topper power greens
  • Fresh topper omega mussels
primal freeze dried dog food


Treats is the third category of primal dog food that is then further divided in two main sub categories

Freeze Dried Treats with goat Milk

It is a sub category of treats which includes four different treats with goat milk

  • Peelin Fantastic (Chicken, banana and goat milk treats for dogs)
  • Pumpkin for my pumpkin (Chicken pumpkin and goat milk treats for dogs)
  • You maple my day (Pork, maple and goat milk treats for dogs)
  • You are my better half (Chicken, peanut butter and goat milk treats for dogs)

Jerky Treats with Bone Broth

Jerky treats with bone broth is another sub category of treats which includes four different foods for dogs

  • Beef jerky pieces for dogs
  • Beef jerky chips for dogs
  • Chicken jerky pieces for dogs
  • Chicken jerky chips for dogs

Bones and Chews

Bones and chews is the last category of primal dog food which consist of the following five different items

  • Raw recreational bones buffalo marrow
  • Raw recreational bones beef marrow
  • Antler’s moose
  • Antler’s elk
  • Antler’s stag

Primal Freeze Dried Dog Food

Another famous food from primal is primal freeze dried dog food. Basically, primal freeze dried food goes through a specific drying process to eliminate moisture from the food. It is raw food and it contain more shelf life as compare to other raw foods.

Primal patties or primal frozen dog food patties

Primal patties or primal frozen dog food patties are included in those foods which are in high demand at official website of primal. This primal frozen dog food patties are made of beef, chicken, duck or lamb meat. These primal patties are sources of high proteins and also dogs love to eat these.
primal treats for dogs

primal dog food

Primal dog food prices

If we talk about the prices of primal dog food, then as compare to other brands primal provides low and fare prices to their customers with standard quality of food. Prices of each food is different and it varies according the standard and quantity of the food. If you are looking for a cheap food then you will find of 10$ also as primal but if you are looking for more standardized food and good quantity then food with prices more than 50$ are available at primal. So, it’s up to you to select food that your dog will love to eat.

Primal dog food reviews

When we compare reviews of customers from different platforms about primal dog food. We came to know that primal dog food has built a good trust among their customers. At an average primal dog food has 9 positive reviews out of 10 from their customer for the quality, quantity and taste of the food. If we talk out rating primal has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on its official website.

Matt Koss was the founder of primal dog food and it was started in back 2001.

Primal claims that they use quality ingredients in the manufacturing of primal dog food. On the other hand, primal dog food is in the market for more than 20 years and it has many customers who bought primal dog food. Hence, we can say that primal dog food is a safe food for your dog.

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