Greater Chicago Food Depository

Greater Chicago food depository is fighting against the hunger of many people for many years. The main aim of greater Chicago food depository is to provide free food for the needy people. Due to its free facilities to the deserving people, it has become a hope for many people to fight against the hunger. According to research more than 600,000 people are unable to get proper food to meet their daily food requirements. Greater Chicago food depository plays a vital role to decrease that food insecurity of those people.

greater Chicago food depository

History of Greater Chicago Food Depository

The idea to start this initiative take in place in 1978 by 6 persons in the city of Chicago. After that successful initiative they started to distribute food among people in 1979. After that they increase their food distribution year by year. After that along with food they started to give free trainings related to different jobs for people in 1998. In 2004, they create a warehouse on more than 250000 square feet and started to run their all programs from there.

Later on, they stared their program of mobile food pantry in 2007 and this program was much appreciated by people. After that their progress did not stop. They expand their food distribution and also Increase their partnerships with different organization and companies. Greater Chicago food depository routes also deliver the food to the deserving people initiated by Starbucks and other organization.

How to donate in Greater Chicago Food Depository

You can be part of donation in different ways. The first thing is that you can donate fresh food to the nearest location of food depository. There are other ways of becoming part of donation which are below

  • You can donate money online on the official website of Greater Chicago Food Depository.
  • You can also donate different stocks.
  • You can start a virtual food drive, as it will be part of donation also.
  • You can also donate through cheques.
greater chicago food depository volunteer

Greater Chicago Food Depository Volunteer

Volunteers are the back bone of greater Chicago food depository.  A large number of volunteers donate their precious time on daily basis to serve their community. Their aim and dedication play a vital role to achieve the goals to eliminate the food insecurity among people

So, if you are willing to serve the community without by becoming a volunteer of greater Chicago food depository, then you will be greatly welcome by them. Through this you can be a part of that organisation who is working to decrease the food insecurity and the hinger among deserving people. You can work in different position according to your interest when you become a volunteer. You can be part of packing, truck driver, and can be part of those events who are held for the purpose of collection.

Greater Chicago Food Depository Jobs

Greater Chicago food depository not only works with volunteers but a large number of people work as paid workers. It provides efficient pays to their workers with a larger number of other benefits. Other benefits include health insurance, different annual bonuses, leaves and many more. If you are deserving and you have the ability to serve the community then they will hire you without comparing any religion, caste, colour or nationality.

greater chicago food depository jobs

Challenges facing by Greater Chicago Food Depository

Its not an easy job for any organization like greater Chicago food depository who is providing free food and other fulfilling other basic need of the deserving people. For this purpose, they required a large amount of donations to buy food and other necessary things for the needy people. Due to this food pantries like greater Chicago faces many challenges to meet the requirements of the people.

The main challenge these food pantries are facing is that due increasing in demand for the food, they are unable to full fill all the demands who are asking for the food assistance. Another issue is that they are unable to find the main reason of the food insecurity among the people. If they find main this reason, they can work on that root cause to eliminate poverty and in this way the demand for food assistance can be reduced.


There is no doubt that greater Chicago food depository is playing a vital role in overcome the demand of people for food assistance. They are source of food for many families to eliminate their hunger. This cannot be done without the support of donors who are sending donations to greater Chicago food depository and the volunteers who are supporting with their time. With the combine efforts we can make it possible that most cannot sleep with hunger because of the food assistance they are getting from the greater Chicago food depository.

To find a food pantry near you, you can visit the website of Chicago’s food bank and then click on the option find food. After that you have to click on option find food pantry near me. After that you can apply filters on that according to your location and then you can find the food pantry and its available hours.

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