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Searching of food truck for sale is increasing day by bay. The main reason behind the increase of search food truck for sale is because most entrepreneurs are looking to start to food related business and this business is providing good profit for many other entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs or looking for affordable options to buy a good truck to kick off their food business with low budget. That’s why most people are searching for “food truck for sale” on different platforms to get a better option on low prices.

These food trucks mainly consist of a proper set up which includes kitchen where you can cook food and sell. Food truck from sale can be affordable for the new entrepreneurs who are looking for their own set up with a low budget.

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Platforms where you can find food trucks for sale

There are large number of platforms where you can find food truck for sale. This can be done online you can also find food truck for sale on physical platforms which are nearby to you. But as compare to physical platform people prefer to search online for the food truck for sale. Here is the list of some platforms where you can easily find food truck for sale.

Online Platforms

The first platform when you get food truck for sale is the online platforms. There are a lot of platforms online where people register to sell their products. These products can be new or new. Old products are registered by the people while sometime companies also give special discounts for products to increase their sales. 

The only thing you have to do is to search on that platform and you have to find a seller who is nearby to your location, so you can go at the seller location and check the products quality before buying or you can also place order online and then the it will be delivered to you. But for trucks I would recommend that you can check the condition and quality physically before buying it.


Another option where you can find food truck for sale is expos. Expos are those where different products or displayed by the owner for sale. To buy a food truck you have to visit vehicle related expos where you can easily find truck for sale. In those expos, you can find such people who will their food truck for very lower because they are in need of money or may they may be starting any other business. So, it’s a good chance that you can get a food truck for sale at such type of expos.

Product Manufacturers

Another way to get food truck for sale is by doing direct contact with the manufacturers who are making these food carts. Sometimes they manufacture a greater number of products and when they unable to achieve the target, they will start sell their products on sale. So, you can keep in touch directly with the manufacturers and whenever they will announce sale, you can get you food truck on a sale price.

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Points to consider while buying food truck for sale

Whenever you are going to buy then you must remember the following important points so that you will not face any serious later.

  • The first thing you should keep in mind when you buy an old food truck for sale is that the condition of the food card should be good. You should properly check that food card is properly maintained in better conditions and the equipment’s inside the food card should not be bad condition because it may cause issues and can be reason of more spending more money on it for maintenance.
  • The second and important point about buying food truck is the budget. Your budget will decide that what kind of food truck you are going to get. If you have low budget then definitely you will look for a food truck for sale. Then you have to search a food truck according to your budget. You will go for a small food truck if you have low budget and you will go for a big food truck if you have more budget.
  • Another thing you should check before buying food truck for sale is that the all the necessary equipment’s are present in the food truck or not. For a smooth setup, all the required equipment’s like cooking equipment’s etc.
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Issues of having food truck

There is no doubt that there will be some issues you will have to face when you bought a food truck. Here are some common issues you can face when you bought a food truck for sale.

  • There will be a tough competition between you and your competitors. So, you have to provide quality and better services to your customers, so they can prefer to buy food from your food truck rather than others.
  • Other issues you can face can be permission issues. Sometime you have to take proper permission from the administration before starting and business of food truck in specific areas.
  • You can also face different weather condition in the whole. You have to make proper arrangements to survive during these bad weather conditions.

Price of Food truck

Price of each food truck varies according to each country. Its prices also vary according to the size of truck and also the condition of the food truck. If you are going to start a food business in United States of America on food truck then it may cost from 30000$ to around to 100000$ according to the size and condition of the food truck.

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At an average price, around 4000$ to 120000$ are required to buy a food truck in the Canada. The price of the food truck can different according to the condition, size and the number of required equipment’s installed in the food truck.

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