Orijen Cat Food

orijen cat food is one of the famous brands who has made a significant impact in the cat food industry. It became very difficult for the cat owner to select good nutritious cat food for their cats. Orijen cat food plays a vital to overcome these difficulties with their quality cat food for the cat owners, because orijen cat food has become a tough competitor for the other famous cat food brands in the market.

Before talking about the food let go through the history of orijen cat food shortly. This food was first started in 2005 and it was stared by the company champion foods which was founded by Alberta in 1985 in Canada. This company also started to make food for dogs as well as for cats. From that day they had started to build strong image among pet owners with their quality food.

orijen cat food

Why Orijen cat food?

There is no doubt that different question may arise in your mind about this food. Among those the main question may be that why should we choose orijen cat food for our pet why not other brands as here are a lot of famous brands in the market. The answer for this question is that the champion pet food company claims the ingredients used in the food are fresh. They claim that their food is biologically appropriate nutrition for the pets. They also operated their own kitchen and they have pet nutrition experts who have strict control on the quality of the food they making.

Orijen cat food ingredients

Now let’s talk about the ingredients that champion pet food are using to make orijen cat food. The final product that will be formed mostly depend upon the quality of ingredients that are used to make that product. As per champion pet food they use 85 to 95 percent of premium animal ingredients and 5 to 15 percent fruits, vegetable and botanicals are used. Here is the list of some important  ingredients of cat food prepared by champion pet food

  • Beef meat (its ranched raised meat)
  • Lamb meat (its ranched raised meat)
  • Bison meat (its ranched raised meat)
  • Turkeys’ meat
  • Chicken meat
  • Eggs
  • Fishes caught wildly or proper raised at farms
  • Different kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits

orijen cat food review

Food prepared by Orijen

Food prepared by Orijen are categorized in two categories on their website. The first one is the life stage and second one is named as special diet.

Life Stage

This is the first category of the orijen cat food which includes foods for the cats of all ages like kitten, adult and senior. This category consists of the following cat foods

Kitten Food

  • Chicken and salmon entrée wet kitten food
  • Dry cat food kitten formula
  • Dry cat food six fish TM
  • Dry cat food regional TM
  • Dry cat food original cat
  • Dry cat food tundra

Adult and Senior cat food

  • Regional red entrée wet cat food
  • Tuna, salmon and beef entrée wet cat food
  • Original entrée wet cat food
  • Duck and chicken entrée wet cat food
  • Dry cat food fit and trim TM
  • Dry cat food regional red TM

Special Diet

The second category of orijen cat food is the special diet. This is further divide into two sub categories of grain free and indoor/ healthy weight and it consist of the following cat food

Grain free and Indoor/healthy weight

  • Chicken and salmon entrée wet kitten food (grain free)
  • Regional red entrée wet cat food (grain free)
  • Duck and chicken entrée wet cat food (grain free)
  • Dry cat food six fish TM (grain free)
  • Guardian senior formula
  • Freeze dried cat treats original
  • Freeze dried cat treats lamb recipe
  • Freeze dried cat treats regional red
  • Freeze dried cat treats tundra
  • Freeze dried cat treats six fish

Advantages of Orijen cat food

That product will definitely create its value in the market if it is giving benefits to their customers or users. If we talk about the benefits of orijen cat food, no doubt that the demand of this cat food is increasing day by day because of its benefits. Let’s discuss dome benefits in detail

  • Orijen cat food contains a good number of proteins which is necessary for the good and healthy growth of cats. These proteins and minerals help cats in healthy growth of their muscles.
  • Secondly it is mostly prepared from the meat of beef, lamb, fish and chickens. Cat love to eat that kind of food which are prepared mostly from meat because cats are included in carnivores and this food helps them to overcome their nutritional requirements.
  • As per the champion pet food their this cat food is also useful for health of ayes and heart of the cat. It also helps in proper digestion and also beneficial for the immune system of cats.  

Orijen cat food ingredients

Orijen cat food reviews

Reviews always plays a vital role to become famous among the customers. The more positive and organic review for your products from customers then more attention and trust you will win for the new customers who come to buy first time from you. Orijen cat foods has large number of positive reviews from their customers for its quality and standard food. According to the reviews, most customers are satisfied from orijen cat food. At an average orijen cat food receives 4.5 rating out of 5 for its quality cat food.


Is orijen cat food good?

Orijen cat food is considered as good food by the most customers who has bought this. According to customers, their cats are more interested in eating food when they started to feed them with the orijen cat food.

How to find orijen cat food near me?

You can easily find orijen cat food near you. For this turn your location on and after that you have to search on google that orijen cat food near me. When you search orijen cat food near me, the number of stores in your nearby areas who are selling this cat food will be visible. Then according to their available time, you can visit these stores and can buy you cat favorite orijen cat food from them.

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