Shea Butter Hair Food

If you want to keep your hair healthy then shea butter hair food can be good option for you. Shea butter hair food is mainly used for better nourishment of hair. It will help you grow new hair and will stop the hair fall also. As shea contains a good variety of different vitamins which are necessary for the growth of healthy hair. Basically, shea butter is mixed with different ingredients to make shea butter hair food. You can also prepare this at home and you can also buy it from market. It is available in different quantity with variety of prices.

Shea butter hair food is not considered a beauty product but it is prepared along with different natural ingredients to cherish your hair and make them stronger.  Before discussing in detail about the shea butter hair food, lets first discuss about shea butter that what actually shea butter is.

shea butter hair food

Shea butter

Shea butter is basically a fat which is obtained from the nuts of the shea tree. It is mostly obtained from the African shea trees. Shea butter is mostly used in the cosmetics to make different beauty products while it is also used in some African countries for the purpose of preparation of food. Shea butter mainly contain different kinds of fatty acids (stearic, oleic, linoleic, palmitic and arachidic) and different vitamins.

This can used for different purposed on your skin (it will help to decrease the redness or any swelling on your) and hair (for better growth and to stop hair fall). Raw shea butter cannot be pleasant for some people so they can use oil with more fragrance to make it scented shea butter and scented shea butter will be by those also who does like natural fragrance of shea butter.

How to make shea butter hair food at home?

You can easily make this product with little effort. First you have to take some raw shea butter and then boil this raw shea butter in any equipment. When it is boiled after that you can add different oils in it like coconut oil or avocado oil. To make it more productive for your hair you can add 1 or 2 raw eggs into this which will give extra touch in the better growth of your hair.

Steps to use oil prepared from shea butter

You can follow the following steps to get better results from the shea butter hair food

  • Take a required amount of shea butter and boil it properly.
  • After that add a regular use oil into this boiled shea butter.
  • After that mix them properly.
  • When you mix both properly then apply that on your hair and massage that oil on your scalp properly.
  • After that leave it for some time and then wash your hair properly, you can also use shea butter after washing your hair but it should be cause negative effects on your hair with excessive use.
  • Use once or twice in a week.
shea butter hair food

Shea butter hair food benefits

That product will be in high demand in the market which have more benefits. Shea butter hair food is used by a large number of peoples because it provides different number of benefits for your hair as well as for your skin. Let’s discuss in detail the benefits of shea butter

Hair growth

You will find a positive change in the growth of your hair. Basically, it stops the hair fall and helps to cure the damage hair at your scalp it will also help in the growth of new hair.

Protect from UV rays

When you go out, your hair is mostly exposed to the sun. The exposure of your hair to the sun can damage your hair. By apply Shea butter hair food on your hair before exposure to the sun can protect your hair from damage due to UV rays it will keep your hairs healthy.

Moisturize and Smooth Hairs

With the proper use of hair food prepared from the shea butter will keep your hair smooth and silky. It will keep dryness from your scalp and will make it moisturize. It will also help to eliminate dandruff from your skin and will protect from falling because of dandruff and dryness.

shea butter hair food

Shea butter hair food reviews

Such products demand always increase in the market who got organic positive reviews from their customers. Shea butter hair food also receives positive reviews on many platforms. At an average it receives 4.5 rating out of 5 from their customers.

Shea butter can be used for one to two years but it is necessary that you should keep shea butter in a cool and dry place. Always avoid to keep shea butter in warm area because it will no be able to use after some days or month if you keep them in warm place or heat.

Shea butter hair food can be used once or twice in week. Over use of shea butter can have negative impacts on your hair so avoid to use on daily basis or in excessive amount.

It is the mixture of coconut oil and shea butter and it is prepared by boiling shea butter at high temperature and when it melts and become liquid, after that coconut oil is mixed with it. Combination of coconut oil and shea butter is very helpful for hair.

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